Scuba Diving and Decompression


  • Final version of UDDF 3.0.0 online!


UDDF - The successor of UDCF

UDDF 3.0.0 (english version) - Universal Dive Data Format is the successor of UDCF. Roughly speaking UDDF (english version) is an advanced superset of UDCF, which can be used for logging and planing dives and for managing all kind of information via an electronical logbook application. At moment there are a German specification (PDF-Version), an English specification (PDF-Version) and an XML-schema available. In the case of comments or questions please send an email.

UDCF - Universal Dive Computer Format

UDCF was intended as an easy and portable way to exchange and use profile data with any program supporting UDCF. Hence it is possible to do decompression calculations using data from any commercially available dive computer (of course you need a special converter and a suitable software for converting profile-data into UDCF). A big advantage of this approach is, that one only have to write an application, which converts the native dive computer format into UDCF to fully support this dive computer by any UDCF enabled application. For portability and easy parser-generation (if someone is willing to support UDCF) UDCF follows the XML-spirit (It should be easily possible to describe UDCF by an XML-DTD), so any XML-parser can be used (e.g. Sun's JAXP).

At the moment there exists a converter for Uwatec's Aladin profile data into UDCF (MS-DOS/Linux) and a converter for Suunto's EON (Linux). Moreover Kai Schroeders "Tausim" supports UDCF, so one can do decompression calculation with profile data recorded by an Uwatec Aladin or an Suunto EON using "TauchSim" (DOS). For Linux there exits an UDCF-Viewer application using gtk and gtk--


Despite that UDCF should not be used anymore, because it will be replaced by UDDF, the old documentation is still provided as a sort of "proof of concept".


I added tools for Reefnet's SENSUS, which can read and convert profile-data into UDCF.
I will not provide RPMs anymore, since I do not use RPM-based distributions any longer. Instead I can provide Gentoo-Linux ebuilds, since I switched to Gentoo. It would be great if others are willing to provide rpm's. If this is the case send email.

Note: I have tested the eontools 0.5.0 on a Pismo-Powerbook with Gentoo-Linux, by using an EON divecomputer, the original PC-interface and a Keyspan USB-serial-converter. At least for me 'eondump' worked perfectly. Using the same USB-serial-converter the sensustools also work!


Last update : 15/4/11