optional, multiple


deviceref=unique identifier of the device whose battery charge condition is given — compulsory

tankref=unique identifier of the tank where the device (e.g. a tank pressure sender) is attached to — optional


<batterychargecondition> indicates the battery charge condition of a device whose unique identifier is given as an attribute at the respective <waypoint> in percent of full capacity as a real number. A value of 1.0 means full charge condition of the battery (according to 100 %). 0.0 indicates a stone-empty battery. The attribute must be given.

If the device is a tank pressure sender, an additional attribute indicating the identifier of the tank must be given, too. This is necessary for knowing the gas whose pressure the sender is measuring.

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<divecomputer>, <waypoint>


see also <waypoint>

<!-- battery charge condition of dive computer with ID "my_divecomputer" - 86 % -->
<batterychargecondition deviceref="my_divecomputer">0.86</batterychargecondition>
<!-- battery charge condition of tank pressure sender with ID "sender_1" -->
<!-- attached to tank with ID "steel_nitrox4060" - 47 % -->
<batterychargecondition deviceref="sender_1" tankref="steel_nitrox4060">0.47</batterychargecondition>