— empty element


optional, multiple


kind=safety | mandatory (kind of decompression stop, whether safety stop, or mandatory decompression stop) — compulsory

decodepth=depth of decompression stop given in metres as a real number — compulsory

duration=duration of decompression stop given in seconds as a real number — compulsory


Via <decostop> a decompression stop calculated by a dive computer, or a dive simulation program respectively, is indicated. While on dive computers normally only the deepest deco stop is displayed (although all shallower deco stops are also known at this time), UDDF allows to indicate all these necessary decompression stops at a <waypoint>. Then several <decostop> elements follow one after the other.

A <decostop> always consists of its decodepth, the duration, and the kind (safety stop, or mandatory decompression stop), which must be given as attributes.

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Child Elements

See Also

<nodecotime>, <waypoint>


(see also <waypoint>)

<!-- safety stop at a depth of 3 m for 5 min announced -->
<decostop kind="safety" decodepth="3.0" duration="300.0"/>
<!-- decompression stop at a depth of 3 m for 6 min announced -->
<decostop kind="mandatory" decodepth="3.0" duration="300.0"/>
<!-- Several consecutive decompression stops calculated by the dive computer. -->
<!-- Normally only the deepest stop to be held is announced by the dive computer, -->
<!-- but - of course - all are calculated and can be set in UDDF. -->
<decostop kind="mandatory" decodepth="9.0" duration="60.0"/>
<decostop kind="mandatory" decodepth="6.0" duration="300.0"/>
<decostop kind="mandatory" decodepth="3.0" duration="720.0"/>