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<fileformat> controls the output format to be generated. Possible formats are: ASCII, HTML, (La)TeX, PDF, Postscript, DocBook... If the specified format is not supported by the executing software, or the <fileformat> statement is missing respectively, output is generated in ASCII format.

Specifying the output format determines also the file extension (see also <filename>):

      Format       keyword      fileextension
      ASCII         ascii          .txt
     (La)TeX       (la)tex         .tex
       PDF           pdf           .pdf
    Postscript    postscript       .ps
      HTML          html           .html
     DocBook       docbook         .xml

<fileformat> may appear only once.

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See Also

<filename>, <headline>, <lingo>, <remark>


(see also <output>)

<!-- output in ASCII format -->
<!-- the table shall be generated as a TeX file -->
<!-- output in PDF format -->
<!-- output in DocBook format -->