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Inside the <gasdefinitions> section happens the definition of the different breathing gases used by the <owner> of the UDDF file.

<gasdefinitions> stands after the <divesite> section and before <profiledata>.

The only element inside <gasdefinitions> is <mix> which can be repeated any times.

The <gasdefinitions> section can be omitted. If <gasdefinitions> doesn't occur, the executing software has to set air as the breathing gas to be used. Of course, a breathing gas consumption calculation cannot be performed in case of a missing <gasdefinitions> section.

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<mix>, <tankdata>


    <!-- all breathing gases used -->
    <mix id="oxygen_pure">
        <name>pure oxygen</name>
    <mix id="air">
    <mix id="nitrox6040">
        <name>Nitrox60/40</name>  <!-- Nitrox 60 % N2, 40 % O2 -->
    <mix id="trimix">
        <name>Trimix</name>  <!-- Trimix 15 % O2, 40 % N2, 45 % He -->