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Via <globalalarm> a so-called "global" alarm given by the dive computer is put into brackets. Such alarms are given only once during a dive and affect this whole dive. In contrast to "normal" alarms, normally given multiple times (by means of occurence in direct following <waypoint>s), and which are only temporary events, "global" alarms are not stored inside the <samples> section but in <globalalarmsgiven>.

At time the following global alarms with these keaywords are supported:

  • ascent-warning-too-long — ascent velocity too high and/or decompression stops disregarded

  • sos-mode — dive computer is locked

  • work-too-hard — load of physical effort too high for a prolonged time

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attribute "alarm" of <waypoint>, <globalalarmsgiven>


see <globalalarmsgiven>