optional, multiple


id=unique identifier of the person — compulsory — compulsory


Inside <guide> a guide working at a dive base is described. Any number of <guide> elements can appear one after the other.

For a dive guide always is a (potential) buddy, his/her personal data are stored inside the <buddy> section. Within <guide> a cross-reference to that person is made via the attribute.

Later inside <dive> either "directly" a cross-referencing on a <buddy> may be given (in this case the cross-referenced person is simply a <buddy>), or via a cross-reference on the identifier of <guide> (whereby this buddy at the same time is indicated as the <guide> of this dive).

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<buddy>, <dive>, <divebase>,


see also <divebase>

    <owner id="owner_julian">
        <!-- here description of the owner of the UDDF file -->
    <buddy id="buddy_peter">
        <!-- here description of buddy Peter -->
    <buddy id="buddy_thomas">
        <!-- here description of buddy Thomas -->
    <!-- here more buddies may be listed -->
    <divebase id="db_xxx">
        <!-- listing of all guides working at this dive base -->
        <guide id="guide_peter">
            <link ref="buddy_peter"/>
        <guide id="guide_thomas">
            <link ref="buddy_thomas"/>
        <!-- here further description of the dive base -->
    <repetitiongroup id="rg_321">
        <dive id="dive_456">
            <!-- the following cross-reference indicates that this person described -->
            <!-- as a <buddy> was also the guide with this dive                     -->   
            <link ref="guide_thomas"/>
            <!-- the following cross-reference indicates that Peter, although -->
            <!-- working at the dive base as a guide, with this dive only was -->
            <!-- a "normal" buddy - because Thomas guided this dive           -->
            <link ref="buddy_peter"/>
            <!-- this dive was made during "trip_abc" -->
            <link ref="trip_abc"/>
            <!-- here further description of this dive -->
    <trip id="trip_abc">
        <link ref="db_xxx"/>
        <!-- here further description of this trip -->