Chapter 1. Introduction

The Universal Dive Data Format (UDDF) is the successor of the Universal Dive Computer Format (UDCF) and is designed to manage all dive data — planning, logging, analysing of scuba dives (apnoe, rebreathers, open systems, all possible breathing gases), logbook, calculation of dive tables, archiving etc. — regardless of manufacturer, and independent of the operating system respectively, and to provide its interchangeabilty.

UDDF is an open format and is permanently enlarged. All interested parties (people, companies and manufacturers) are encouraged to support the further development. By this a maximum of flexibility and the newest stand of UDDF is obtained — reaction on scientific and technological improvements is quickly possible.

UDDF is freely distributed. The aim of the developers is to establish UDDF worldwide as a standard data format for all types of dive data. The documentation for UDDF underlies the GNU Free Documentation License.

This UDDF documentation also is available for download:

These packed files contain the documentation splitted into several files, starting with "index.html".