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Inside the <tablescope> element the scope parameters for the generation of decompression tables (see also <calculatetable>) are put into brackets.

If <table> is given, <tablescope> must occur, too.

Parent Elements


Child Elements

<altitude>, <bottomtimemaximum>, <bottomtimeminimum>, <bottomtimestepbegin>, <bottomtimestepend>, <divedepthbegin>, <divedepthend>, <divedepthstep>

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(see also <table>)

<table id="decotable_nitrox4060_0m">
    <!-- cross reference to a previous dive ("dive500"); on basis of the tissue -->
    <!-- saturation due to this previous dive now the table is to be generated -->
    <link ref="dive500"/>
    <!-- cross reference to the breathing gas to be used -->
    <link ref="nitrox4060"/>
        <!-- a pause of 3 h between dives -->
    <!-- salt water -->
    <!-- in the following statements for output into a file -->
        <!-- output language is English -->
        <!-- PDF format (-> file extension ".pdf") -->
        <!-- name of output file (extension ".pdf" must not be given!) -->
        <!-- headline for table -->
        <headline>Table for Sealevel - Nitrox 40/60</headline>
        <!-- some illustrative text or other remarks -->
            This is a special table for our proposed descent to the shallow south of Gabiniere.
        <!-- here software specific data -->
    <!-- take into account deep stops of 1 minute length -->
    <!-- maximum ascending rate 10 m/min -->
        <!-- height above sea level for which the table is to be calculated -->
        <!-- beginning with a depth of 3 m, maximum depth 30 m, increment 3 m  -->
        <!-- maximum bottom time 30 minutes, to be taken into account for the table -->
        <!-- minimum bottom time 5 minutes, to be taken into account for the table -->
        <!-- at beginning (at minimum dive depth) increment of 10 minutes -->
        <!-- at the end (at maximum dive depth) increment of 1 minute -->
        <!-- Schrittweite auf der maximalen Tauchtiefe 1 Minute -->