optional, multiple


ref=unique identifier of the tank whose pressure is indicated (optional)


More and more dive computers are "air integrated" and show the tank pressure permanently during the dive. Via <tankpressure> it is indicated at a <waypoint>. In particular with so-called "technical diving" several tanks are used which normaly contain different breathing gases. Then several tank pressures are shown by the dive computer, too. Therefore the attribute given with <tankpressure> indicates that tank the pressure value belongs to. In case there is only one tank, or a linked double-tank with only one pressure value measured, the attribute may be omitted.

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<alarm>, <cns>, <depth>, <divetime>, <otu>, <setpo2>, <switchmix/>, <tank>, <tankdata>, <tankpressurebegin>, <tankpressureend>, <temperature>


See also <waypoint>.

<!-- actual pressure 200 bar (only 1 tank is used)-->
<!-- Two tanks are used in this dive. Inside <equipment> both -->
<!-- tanks must be declared via <tank id="tank_air"> and -->
<!-- <tank id="tank_o2"> so that the cross-references are valid. -->
<!-- breathing gas air: actual pressure 200 bar -->
<tankpressure tankref="tank_air">20000000.0</tankpressure>
<!-- breathing gas pure oxygen: actual pressure 180 bar -->
<tankpressure tankref="tank_o2">18000000.0</tankpressure>