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With <altitude> the height above sea level in metres (given as a real number) is put into brackets. The height can be that of a generally described dive spot, then <altitude> stands inside <geography> (<divesite> -> <site> -> <geography>), or that of a certain dive. In this case <altitude> appears inside the <informationbeforedive> section (<profiledata> -> <repetitiongroup> -> <dive> -> <informationbeforedive>). Additionally, <altitude> is used to determine the altitude in metres above sea level, for which an ascent table will be generated. In this third case <altitude> stands within <tablescope> (<calculatetable> -> <table> -> <tablescope>).

If <altitude> is omitted sea level, 0 m, is to be assumed.

Parent Elements

<informationbeforedive>, <geography>, <tablescope>

Child Elements

See Also

<dive>, <geography>, <informationafterdive>, <surfacepressure>, <tablescope>


<!-- height above sea level 800 m (Walchensee - a lake in the Bavarian Alps) -->