Some molecules

Please click on the corresponding icon, to get a higher resolution (1024x768). If you have some/a interesting/nice molecule(s) feel free to send it to Steffen Reith. I will help you to make a raytraced picture of it.

A view of protoprophyrin IX, the prostetic group of horseradish-peroxidase.

As a MPEG-animation (The molecule rotates around it's central atom) (200x125) or (320x200).

Pictures of the fullerens C60 (also called "Buckyball"), C36 and C540.

The next pictures show a zeolith. For a full explanation please contact Oliver Weichold by email.

Next an allylic alcohol inside a cage of a zeolith. (Hints and explanations by Oliver Weichold). The first picture shows the front of the zeolith. For the second one the zeolith was rotated by 90 degrees.

Two other versions in 2028x1536 (TIFF).
  • front (huge, approx. 1.9 MB)
  • below (huge, approx. 2.1 MB) (rotated by 90 degrees)

Two pictures of chlorophyll. (With and without hydrogen).

Some molecules of every day's life (nicotine and caffeine):

With OpenBabel you can do capped-sticks models without problems (A cuban drivative, vanillin and Sscorpionine):

Playing a little bit with glass objects. An indigo molecule inside a ball made of glass.

As a finish two pictures of a part of a DNA molecule. Thanks to Paul Thiessen (Homepage) for the PDB-file of this pictures. According to his idea I used LEGO®-bricks as atoms in the second picture.

The PDB descriptions of many molecules shown on this page can be found in the Library of 3-D Molecular Structures.

The Povray files of all pictures on this page were calculated by using an extension of the original Babel-package by Steffen Reith. A much more modern version of this patch were included into the OpenBabel project.

Last update : 8/1/13