optional, multiple


id=unique identifier of this dive buddy — compulsory


Inside the <buddy> section all known data of a certain dive buddy are put into brackets. Any number of <buddy> elements can be given, which describe the different dive buddies of the <owner> of the UDDF file.

Parent Elements


Child Elements

<address>, <certification>, <contact>, <diveinsurances>, <divepermissions>, <equipment>, <medical>, <notes>, <personal>, <student/>

See Also

<diver>, <owner>


<uddf version="3.1.0">
        <!-- description of the program generating the UDDF file -->
        <image id="img_linda1">
            <!-- image data unknown, <imagedata> omitted therefore -->
        <image id="img_linda2">
            <!-- image data unknown, <imagedata> omitted therefore -->
        <video id="video_by_linda_great_barrier_reef">
        <owner id="robertpeterroth">
            <!-- description of the owner of the UDDF file -->
        <buddy id="Linda">
                <!-- listing of Linda's equipment -->
                <!-- listing of Linda's dive medical examinations - if known -->
                <link ref="img_linda1"/>
                <link ref="img_linda2"/>
                <link ref="video_by_linda_great_barrier_reef"/>
        <buddy id="Helmut">
            <!-- description of buddy Helmut -->
        <!-- here can stand more buddy descriptions -->
    <!-- here more sections -->