optional/compulsory (depending on context), single



Inside the <diver> section all known data of the <owner> of the UDDF file, and the dive buddies (<buddy>) respectively, are stored.

While only one <owner> is possible, as many as necessary <buddy> elements can appear inside the <diver> section. Here <owner> is the first element to be given, thereafter all <buddy> elements.

Normally, the <diver> section must be given in an UDDF file — for the data of its <owner> (, and his/her dive <buddy>s) are stored with subsequent profile data. The only exception from this rule is an UDDF file which is used to set data on a dive computer. In this case the <diver> section can be omitted — as long as a person's data are not to be transferred to the divecomputer.

Sending dive data to Divers Alert Network (DAN) Project Dive Exploration , DL7 standard

If dive data are to be sent to Project Dive Exploration in DL7 standard, the following information concerning the diver must be given (inside <buddy>, or <owner>, or in their subsections respectively):

The following elements need not to be given, but are desirable:

Parent Elements


Child Elements

<buddy>, <owner>

See Also

<buddy>, <owner>, <uddf>


<uddf version="3.1.0">
        <!-- here information about the software -->
        <owner id="kai">
            <!-- description of the owner of the UDDF file -->
        <buddy id="gerd">
            <!-- description of the first dive buddy -->
        <buddy id="dieter">
            <!-- description of the second dive buddy -->
        <buddy id="elmar">
            <!-- description of the third dive buddy -->
        <!-- here more <buddy> elements if necessary -->
    <!-- here more sections (<divesite>, <gasdefinitions>, <profiledata> etc.) -->