optional, single


lux=measured light intensity in Lux (given as a real number) — optional

Specifies the measured light intensity in Lux — if a higher accuracy is needed.


Puts the light intensity found at a certain part of the dive spot (e.g. the habitat of a sessile animal) into brackets. Allowed values are: undetermined, sunny, half-shadow, shadow, no-light (e.g. in a cave). As an attribute it is possible to specify the exact, measured value of the light intensity in Lux, given as a real number.

Parent Elements

<dive>, <species>

Child Elements

See Also

<dive>, <globallightintensity>, <species>


(see also <sitedata>)

<!-- sunny dive spot, no shadows given -->
<!-- sunny dive spot, light intensity measured and given -->
<lightintensity lux="5000.0">1</lightintensity>