compulsory, single


version=the UDDF version, a program uses to generate the UDDF file


Each UDDF file begins with the statement <uddf version="x.y.z"> (with x, y, and z integers), and ends with </uddf> as last statement. In-between these two statements all other sections are given.

To support cross-referencing on data a certain order of the sections is compulsory. Even if there are no cross-references in an UDDF file this order — see example below — must be kept!

The current version is 3.0.1.

Parent Elements

Child Elements

<divecomputercontrol>, <diver>, <divesite>, <divetrip>, <gasdefinitions>, <generator>, <mediadata>, <profiledata>, <tablegeneration>

See Also

the elements listed under child elements.


<uddf version="3.0.1">
    <!-- The order given in this example is compulsory and must not be altered! -->
        <!-- "fingerprint" of the program generating the UDDF file -->
        <!-- declaration of all audio, image, and video files for later cross-referencing inside the UDDF file -->
        <!-- description of the owner of this UDDF file and his five buddies -->
        <!-- description of all dive spots -->
        <!-- description of the breathing gases used by the owner of the UDDF file -->
        <!-- description of the individual dive profiles -->
        <!-- parameters for the generation of different table types -->
        <!-- description of all dive trips -->
        <!-- statements for setting on data on a divecomputer, or downloading data from a dive computer -->