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Inside <alcoholbeforedive> all drinks the diver had before the dive can be listed. For a more detailed description of every drink the <drink> element is used which may appear as often as necessary inside <alcoholbeforedive>.

If <alcoholbeforedive> is set, at least one <drink> element must be given, too.

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See Also

<anysymptoms>, <dive>, <equipmentmalfunction>, <exercisebeforedive>, <exposuretoaltitude>, <informationafterdive>, <medicationbeforedive>, <medicine> <problems>, <stateofrestbeforedive>, <thermalcomfort>, <workload>


(see also <dive>)

<!-- if <medicationbeforedive> is given at least one <medicine> section must appear -->
        <name>Tequila Sunrise</name>
        <!-- not periodically taken -->
        <!-- taken an hour before the dive -->
        <!-- no additional comments concerning this drink -->
        <!-- here description of another drink had before the dive -->
    <!-- here more descriptions of additional drinks had can follow -->