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For the sake of better clarity, inside <informationafterdive> all that information concerning the current dive is put into brackets that is known only after the end of the dive.

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<anysymptoms>, <averagedepth>, <current>, <desaturationtime>, <diveduration>, <diveplan>, <divetable>, <equipmentmalfunction>, <equipmentused>, <globalalarmsgiven>, <greatestdepth>, <highestpo2>, <lowesttemperature>, <noflighttime>, <notes>, <observations>, <pressuredrop>, <problems>, <program>, <rating>, <surfaceintervalafterdive>, <thermalcomfort>, <visibility>, <workload>

See Also

<dive>, <informationbeforedive>


(see also <dive>)

        <!-- here description of possibly occurred DCS symptoms -->
    <diveduration>3900.0</diveduration>                   <!-- duration of dive 65 min -->
        <! -- here information concerning the equipment used with this dive -->
    <pressuredrop>16000000.0</pressuredrop>               <!-- 160 bar -->
    <desaturationtime>63840.0</desaturationtime>          <!-- 17 h 44 min -->
    <noflighttime>34200.0</noflighttime>                  <!--  9 h 30 min -->
            <!-- here text written into the logbook -->
        <link ref="img_from_dive123"/>
        <!-- here any number of images, audio, and video files can be inserted via <link ref="..."/>  -->
    <!-- personal rating of the dive -->
        <!-- There is no need to set the date of the rating, -->
        <!-- for the dive will normally be rated only once :-) -->
        <!-- and the date is given above. -->