optional, multiple


id=unique identifier of this parameter set for Bühlmann's model — compulsory


The element <buehlmann> describes a parameter set for Bühlmann's decompression model. Several <buehlmann> sections may appear inside <decomodel> so that different parameter sets can be used with the model.

Parent Elements


Child Elements

<gradientfactorhigh>, <gradientfactorlow>, <tissue>

See Also

<gradientfactor>, <rgbm>, <vpm>


(see also <decomodel>)

    <!-- decompression model Bühlmann ZH-L16, version c - for use with dive computers -->
    <buehlmann id="zh-l16c">
        <tissue gas="n2" number="1" halflife="240.0" a="1.2599" b="0.5050"/>
        <tissue gas="n2" number="2" halflife="480.0" a="1.0" b="0.6514"/>
        <tissue gas="n2" number="3" halflife="750.0" a="0.8618" b="0.7222"/>
        <tissue gas="n2" number="4" halflife="1110.0" a="0.7562" b="0.7825"/>
        <tissue gas="n2" number="5" halflife="1620.0" a="0.62" b="0.8126"/>
        <tissue gas="n2" number="6" halflife="2298.0" a="0.5043" b="0.8434"/>
        <tissue gas="n2" number="7" halflife="3258.0" a="0.441" b="0.8693"/>
        <tissue gas="n2" number="8" halflife="4620.0" a="0.4" b="0.891"/>
        <tissue gas="n2" number="9" halflife="6540.0" a="0.375" b="0.9092"/>
        <tissue gas="n2" number="10" halflife="8760.0" a="0.35" b="0.9222"/>
        <tissue gas="n2" number="11" halflife="11220.0" a="0.3295" b="0.9319"/>
        <tissue gas="n2" number="12" halflife="14340.0" a="0.3065" b="0.9403"/>
        <tissue gas="n2" number="13" halflife="18300.0" a="0.2835" b="0.9477"/>
        <tissue gas="n2" number="14" halflife="23400.0" a="0.261" b="0.9544"/>
        <tissue gas="n2" number="15" halflife="29880.0" a="0.248" b="0.9602"/>
        <tissue gas="n2" number="16" halflife="38100.0" a="0.2327" b="0.9653"/>