optional, multiple


id=unique identifier of this parameter set for the Reduced Gradient Bubble Model — compulsory


The element <rgbm> describes the parameter set for a Reduced Gradient Bubble Model (RGBM) (see B.R.Wienke, Reduced Gradient Bubble Model, Int J Biomed Comput, 26 (1990)237–256). Several <rgbm> sections may appear inside <decomodel> so that different parameter sets can be used with the model.

As the RGBM model is a proprietary one, the used parameters are not fully known at time. Therefore, the element <rgbm> has to be considered as "experimental" at time. It is to be assumed that in future new elements will be added.

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See Also

<buehlmann>, <vpm>


(see also <decomodel>)

    <!-- decompression model RGBM -->
    <rgbm id="rgbm_1">
        <tissue gas="n2" number="7" halflife="3258.0" a="0.441" b="0.8693"/>