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Inside <calculateprofile> follow statements for an ascent profile to be calculated.

The <calculateprofile> element stands inside the <tablegeneration> section only once (if given). Inside <tablegeneration> also the following two elements can appear: <calculatebottomtimetable> (calculation of "maximum bottom time" tables), and <calculatetable> (for the generation of decompression tables) respectively.

The only element within <calculateprofile> is <profile> (which can be repeated any times).

Parent Elements


Child Elements

<profile> (can be repeated any times)

See Also

<calculatebottomtimetable>, <calculatetable>, <tablegeneration>


<uddf version="3.2.0">
    <!-- the <generator> section has to appear in every UDDF file -->
        <!-- description of the program generating the UDDF file -->
        <name>DP Planner</name>
            <name>Grouper Inc.</name>
                <!-- address data of manufacturer -->
                <!-- contact data of manufacturer -->
        <mix id="oxygen">
            <name>pure oxygen</name>
        <mix id="noaa1">
            <name>NOAA1</name>  <!-- 32 % O2, 68 % N2 -->
        <mix id="trimix">
            <name>Trimix</name>  <!-- Trimix 16 % O2, 40 % N2, 44 % He -->
        <mix id="heliox">
            <name>Heliox</name>  <!-- 12 % O2, 88 % He -->
        <!-- here follow parameters for the generation of ascent tables -->
                <!-- <link ref="..."/>, <link ref="..." dropped because tissues are -->
                <!-- saturated corresponding to ambient pressure -->
                <!-- <link ref="..."/> dropped because no breathing gas consumption calculation is to be performed -->
                <link ref="oxygen"/>
                <link ref="noaa1"/>
                <link ref="trimix"/>
                <link ref="heliox"/>
                    <!-- tissues saturated corresponding to ambient pressure, no -->
                    <!-- remaining saturation from a prior dive to be considered -->
                <density>1030.0</density>   <!-- salt water -->
                    <headline>Example Dive 100 m</headline>
                        This is an examplary calculation for a dive to 100 m salt water.
                <!-- program specific parameters which an UDDF parser will not necessarily read -->
                <!-- setting of the decompression model to be used -->
                <!-- If the executing software does not support this deco model, the program's -->
                <!-- standard model has to be used - what should be noticed to the user, of course! :-) -->
                <!-- "Deep Stops" shall be used; length 1 minute -->
                <!-- maximum ascent velocity in meters per seconds -->
                <!-- here: 10 m/min ^= 0.1666... m/s -->
                <!-- settings on which depths the breathing gases shall be changed -->
                    <!-- change of breathing gases during ascent -->
                            <switchmix ref="trimix"/>
                            <switchmix ref="noaa1"/>
                            <depth> 5.0</depth>
                            <switchmix ref="oxygen"/>
                <!-- definition of a descent profile as a basis to calculate the ascent profile -->
                        <!-- Every dive begins at 0 min at the surface! :-) -->
                        <!-- beginning the dive with Nitrox NOAA I (32 % O2, 68 % N2) -->
                        <switchmix ref="noaa1"/>
                    <!-- simple profile: -->
                    <!-- descent within 10 min to 100 m -->
                        <!-- at a depth of 35 m change to Trimix mix -->
                        <switchmix ref="trimix"/>
                        <!-- at a depth of 80 m change to Heliox -->
                        <switchmix ref="heliox"/>
                        <!-- remaining time on depth 10 min -->
                    <!-- now the ascent begins - it's the program's task to calculate it -->