compulsory, multiple


id=unique identifier of this profile


Inside the <profile> section parameters for the generation of a certain profile are put into brackets.

<profile> is the only element inside <calculateprofile> and can be repeated any times. At least one <profile> section must be given.

Parent Elements


Child Elements

<applicationdata>, <decomodel>, <deepstoptime>, <density>, <inputprofile>, <link/> (for cross-referencing a <dive>, or a <repetitiongroup>), <maximumascendingrate>, <mixchange>, <output>, <surfaceintervalafterdive>, <surfaceintervalbeforedive>, <title>

See Also

<calculateprofile>, <inputprofile>, <plannedprofile>


(see also <tablegeneration>)

    <profile id="beispiel_profil">
            <!-- 1. dive - no repetitive dive -->
        <!-- fresh water -->
        <!-- max. ascending rate 5 m/min -->
            <headline>Ron's 100 m Trimix Deep Dive</headline>
                This is an ascent profile especially generated for Ron's 100 m
                Trimix Dive on Sunday.
            <!-- Note: All breathing gases must be declared inside the <gasdefinitions> section -->
            <!-- - otherwise the UDDF parser has to bring up an error message. -->
            <!-- changes of breathing gases during descent -->
                    <!-- beginning dive with Nitrox NOAA I (32 % O2, 68 % N2) -->
                    <switchmix ref="noaa1"/>
                    <!-- at a depth of 35 m switch over to Trimix -->
                    <switchmix ref="trimix"/>
                    <!-- at 80 m switch over to Heliox -->
                    <switchmix ref="heliox"/>
            <!-- changes of breathing gases during the following ascent -->
                    <switchmix ref="trimix"/>
                    <switchmix ref="noaa1"/>
                    <switchmix ref="oxygen"/>
        <!-- set data for the descent profile, on whose basis the ascent profile shall be calculated -->
                <!-- every dive begins at 0 min at the surface :-) -->
                <!-- simple profile: -->
                <!-- descent within 5 min to 100 m -->
                <!-- remain at this depth for 10 min -->
            <!-- now the ascent begins, for which the software calculates the profile -->