optional (required for Project Dive Exploration), single



The element <divetable> indicates the table which was used to plan the dive; this element was adopted from the DL7 Standard by DAN — Project Dive Exploration, http://www.diversalertnetwork.org/research/projects/pde/.

Allowed keywords are: PADI, NAUI, BSAC, Buehlmann, DCIEM, US-Navy, CSMD, COMEX, other. (Note: the DL7 Standard also uses "10 – none" which is not allowed here, for it is not necessary. Either you are diving using a table – then this is indicated with <diveplan> and the table used is specified here, or you don't use a table and the element <divetable> is omitted.)

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<apparatus>, <dive>, <diveplan>, <informationbeforedive>, <platform>, <program>, <purpose>


(see also <dive>)

<!-- using a table by Bühlmann -->