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Inside <fauna> information is given about normally found animals at a dive spot, or the animals seen during a specific dive. If the membership in classes, and tribes respectively, is known, the information can be given inside the respective elements. If classes, and tribes respectively, are not known the names of the animals are simply put in brackets with the <para> element inside <notes> (see example).

<fauna> stands inside <ecology> (description of normally at a dive spot found animals, and plants), and inside <observations> (if observations made during a dive shall be recorded).

Parent Elements

<ecology>, <observations>

Child Elements

<invertebrata> (invertebrates — further divided, see there), <notes>, <vertebrata> (vertebrates — further divided, see there)

See Also

<ecology>, <flora>, <observations>


    <invertebrata>                <!-- invertebrates -->
        <porifera>                <!-- sponges -->
        <coelenterata>            <!-- coelenteratas -->
        <cnidaria>                <!-- cnidarians -->
        <ctenophora>              <!-- ctenophoranes -->
        <plathelminthes>          <!-- flatworms -->
        <bryozoa>                 <!-- bryozoans -->
        <phoronidea>              <!-- phoronids -->
        <ascidiacea>              <!-- seasquirts -->
        <echinodermata>           <!-- echinoderms -->
        <mollusca>                <!-- molluscs -->
        <crustacea>               <!-- crustaceans -->
        <invertebratavarious>     <!-- all other invertebrates -->
    <vertebrata>                  <!-- vertebrates -->
        <chondrichthyes>          <!-- cartilaginous fishes - sharks, rays -->
        <osteichthyes>            <!-- Knochenfische -->
        <mammalia>                <!-- mammalians -->
        <amphibia>                <!-- amphibians -->
        <reptilia>                <!-- reptiles -->
        <vertebratavarious>       <!-- all other vertebrates-->
    <!-- no interest to look into a field guide... -->
            Orange-red encrusting sponge, Kidney sponge, Rainbow wrasse, Damselfish, Peacock wrasse
        <!-- here also can appear cross-references on images, video files etc. -->