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Inside <notes> additional information, for example remarks (text), links to photos, audio files, and video files can be given.

Elements inside <notes> are <para> (for text information), and <link/> for cross-referencing <audio>, <image>, and <video> files. Both elements may be given as often as needed, and in arbitrary order inside <notes>.

For future versions of UDDF it is desirable to incorporate a <docbook> element inside <notes> for enhanced formatting capabilities.

Parent Elements

<body>, <boots>, <buddy>, <buoyancycontroldevice>, <camera>, <cave>, <compass>, <compressor>, <divebase>, <divecomputer>, <fins>, <flash>, <generator>, <gloves>, <housing>, <indoor>, <informationafterdive>, <insurance>, <knife>, <lake>, <lead>, <lens>, <light>, <mask>, <mix>, <observations>, <operator>, <owner>, <permit>, <rebreather>, <regulator>, <river>, <scooter>, <shop>, <shore>, <site>, <suit>, <tank>, <trippart>, <variouspieces>, <vessel>, <videocamera>, <watch>, <wreck>

Child Elements

<link/>, <para>

See Also

the elements listed under parent elements


(see also the elements listed under parent elements)

        This is text in-between the text element. Using this, it's not possible
        to further format the text. The executing program formats the text.
    <link ref="image_1">
    <link ref="image_2">
        Now an audio file and a video sequence do follow...
    <link ref="audio_1">
    <link ref="video_1">