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All <audio>, <image>, and lt;video> files have to be declared inside the <mediadata> section. In the following main sections only cross-references are needed to be made. Additional information given with a certain media file is globally known through the referentiation and needs to be set only once, too.

The <mediadata> section appears after <generator> and before <maker>.

The centralisation of all media data in a separate section enhances easy ex- and import between different UDDF files.

Parent Elements


Child Elements

<audio>, <image>, <video>

See Also

<audio>, <image>, <video>


<uddf version="3.2.0">
        <!-- here information about the software -->
        <audio id="audio_1">
        <audio id="audio_2">
        <image id="img_kai">
        <image id="img_whale">
        <image id="image4" height="4000" width="3000" format="jpg">
            <!-- absolute path (Unix world) -->
                <aperture>2.8</aperture>                <!-- aperture: 2.8 -->
                <!-- exposure compensation: -1 EV -->
                <filmspeed>400</filmspeed>              <!-- film speed: 400 ASA -->
                <shutterspeed>0.002</shutterspeed>      <!-- shutter speed: 1/500 s -->
                <focallength>0.035</focallength>        <!-- focal length of lens: 35 mm -->
                <focusingdistance>1.3</focusingdistance>      <!-- focus distance of lens: 1.3 m -->
                <meteringmethod>spot</meteringmethod>   <!-- spot-metering -->
        <video id="video_sail-dive-2000">
        <!-- here more <audio>-, <image>-, or <video> elements -->
        <owner id="kai">
            <!-- cross-referentiation on an image of owner Kai -->
            <link ref="img_kai"/>
            <!-- further description of the owner of the UDDF file -->
        <!-- descriptions of dive buddies of the owner of the UDDF file -->
    <!-- here more sections (<divesite>, <gasdefinitions>, <profiledata> etc.) -->