optional, multiple


id=unique identifier of this picture — compulsory

height=height of picture in pixels — optional

width=width of picture in pixels — optional

format=type of picture (GIF, JPG, PNG, TIF etc.) — optional


Inside <image> data concerning a picture — whatever type of — is put into brackets. How the image data are displayed is in the responsibility of the application program, also whether the software is able to display the image data, anyhow. To assist the application program the height, the width, and the format of the image to be displayed can be given as attributes. The statement can be repeated any times.

Always the attribute id="..." must be given, of course!

Parent Elements


Child Elements

<imagedata>, <objectname>, <title>

See Also

<audio>, <buddy>, <notes>, <owner>, <video>


(see also <notes>)

<!-- the simplest possibility of a refence to a picture -->
<!-- (in this case the image file is stored in the same directory as the UDDF file) -->
<!-- Attention: Always the attribute (identifier) id="..." must be given! -->
<image id="image1">
<!-- image viewing parameters are given as attributes in <image> -->
<image id="image2" height="1500" width="2000" format="jpg">
    <!-- here an absolute path (Windows world) is given to the image -->
<!-- some image data are given -->
<image id="image3" height="1500" width="2000">
    <title>Buddy Mike lost a fin...</title>
    <!-- absolute path (Unix world) -->
        <aperture>4.0</aperture>                <!-- aperture: 4 -->
        <filmspeed>100</filmspeed>              <!-- film speed: 100 ASA -->
        <shutterspeed>0.008</shutterspeed>      <!-- shutter speed: 1/125 s -->
        <focallength>0.02</focallength>         <!-- focal length: 20 mm -->
<!-- all image data are given -->
<image id="image4" height="4000" width="3000" format="jpg">
    <title>Moray-eel (Muraena helena) resting under a rock covered with different sponge species</title>
    <!-- absolute path (Unix world) -->
        <aperture>2.8</aperture>                <!-- aperture: 2.8 -->
        <!-- exposure compensation: -1 EV -->
        <filmspeed>400</filmspeed>              <!-- film speed: 400 ASA -->
        <shutterspeed>0.002</shutterspeed>      <!-- shutter speed: 1/500 s -->
        <focallength>0.035</focallength>        <!-- focal length of lens: 35 mm -->
        <focusingdistance>1.3</focusingdistance>      <!-- focus distance of lens: 1.3 m -->
        <meteringmethod>spot</meteringmethod>   <!-- spot-metering -->