Chapter 7. The different sections, and their elements

Table of Contents


Following the elements available in the individual sections are listed. A detailed description of the elements is given in the alphabetical listing in the next chapter.

Some elements, like <datetime> e.g., appear in several sections.

Elements with same indentation are part of the same hierarchical level and belong as "subelements" (child elements) to the element, or section, with one indentation level to the left (parent element). For example, the elements <street>, <city>, <postcode>, <country>, and <province> belong to the higher element <address> (<address> is the so-called "parent", the other ones are the "child elements"). The end tag is not shown in these examples (e.g., </address> does not appear — to remain within the above example)!

All elements are listed here — regardless whether they are not used/saved in a special case.

Some elements must appear, other ones can. Some elements may be given only once, while other elements can appear any times. These differences are not marked in the lists below and can be taken from the respective element descriptions.


The <generator> section follows directly after the file header, it must be given. In this section information is given concerning the software which generates the UDDF file.