optional, multiple


id=unique identifier of these boots — compulsory


Inside <boots> information about boots is given.

Several <boots> elements can be given one after the other. If additional equipment is to be listed, all same parts should stand directly one after the other for the sake of better human readability!

In case a <manufacturer>'s data are defined before in the UDDF file it is possible to set a cross-reference via <link/> to these data inside every section of a piece of equipment. Then the <manufacturer>'s data need to be given only once (globally) but can be used as often as necessary.

Parent Elements


Child Elements

<aliasname>, <link/> (for cross-referencing <manufacturer> data – if defined before), <manufacturer>, <model>, <name>, <nextservicedate>, <notes>, <purchase>, <serialnumber>, <serviceinterval>

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    <boots id="my_boots">
            <name>Not Known</name>
        <model>Size 48</model>
        <!-- no serial number in this case :-) -->
            <price currency="DM">10.00</price>
                    <!-- address of shop -->
                    <!-- phone number, email address etc. -->
                    <!-- additional remarks -->
        <!-- better wash them once per month... ;-) -->
        <!-- a certain service interval does not exist ;-) -->