optional/compulsory (depending on context), single



Inside <name> generally a name (e.g. of a part of equipment, a shop, or a dive spot) is given.

Sometimes there is more than one name (e.g. several names for dive spots). In these cases <name> should be the "main" name, while additional names can be given as <aliasname>s. Contrary to <name> which can be given only once, <aliasname> may appear several times.

Normally, <name> must be given inside its parent element. There are only very rare occasions, like <mix>, where it is not necessary to set a <name>.

Parent Elements

<body>, <boots>, <buoyancycontroldevice>, <camera>, <cave>, <compass>, <compressor>, <divebase>, <divecomputer>, <fins>, <flash>, <generator>, <gloves>, <housing>, <knife>, <indoor>, <insurance>, <lead>, <lake>, <lens>, <light>, <mask>, <medicine>, <mix>, <operator>, <permit>, <rebreather>, <regulator>, <river>, <scooter>, <setdcdecomodel>, <shop>, <shore>, <site>, <suit>, <tank>, <trippart>, <variouspieces>, <vessel>, <videocamera>, <watch>, <wreck>

Child Elements

See Also

<aliasname>, the elements listed under parent elements


for example see <equipment>, <shop>, <site>