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Via <hyperbaricfacilitytreatment> information concerning a hyperbaric recompression treatment of the diver after having had a DCS accident is given in the UDDF file. Elements inside <hyperbaricfacilitytreatment> are <link/> (cross-reference on the data of the chamber where the diver was treated after the dive; given under <divesite> → <site> → <sitedata>), <dateofrecompressiontreatment> (the date of the beginning of the treatment), and the number of recompression treatments <numberofrecompressiontreatments> necessary.

Each treatment can be seen as a "dive", and therefore it can be stored in the UDDF file. See <hyperbaricfacility> for this topic.

Parent Elements


Child Elements

<dateofrecompressiontreatment>, <link/> (for cross-referencing on <hyperbaricfacility> data), <notes>, <numberofrecompressiontreatments>, <relateddives>

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(see also <dive>)

    <!-- cross-referencing on data of the treating chamber -->
    <link ref="chamber_atown"/>
    <!-- date of begin of the treatments -->
    <!-- two subsequent chamber treatments -->