optional, multiple


id=unique identifier for this knife — compulsory


Inside <knife> data concerning a knife used is given. As many <knife> elements as needed can follow one after the other.

In case a <manufacturer>'s data are defined before in the UDDF file it is possible to set a cross-reference via <link/> to these data inside every section of a piece of equipment. Then the <manufacturer>'s data need to be given only once (globally) but can be used as often as necessary.

Parent Elements


Child Elements

<aliasname>, <link/> (for cross-referencing <manufacturer> data – if defined before), <manufacturer>, <model>, <name>, <nextservicedate>, <notes>, <purchase>, <serialnumber>, <serviceinterval>

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(see also <equipment>)

    <knife id="sharp_thing">
        <name>Titanium Knife</name>
            <name>Softy Company</name>
            <price currency="DM">160.00</price>
                <name>Dive Terminal</name>
                    <!-- address of shop -->
                    <!-- phone number, email address etc. -->
                    <!-- additional remarks -->
        <!-- no dictated service interval -->