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The <surfaceintervalafterdive> statement puts into brackets subsequent elements concerning the description of what happened during the surface interval after the dive (for example travelling to the new dive spot over a mountain pass, and/or through a valley with altitude and time information).

Important occurences after the dive are given inside <surfaceintervalafterdive> (for example a hyperbaric chamber treatment and the transport to this facility).

Parent Elements

<informationafterdive>, <profile>, <table>

Child Elements

<exposuretoaltitude>, <infinity/>, <passedtime>, <wayaltitude>

See Also

<dive>, <informationbeforedive>, <profile>, <surfaceintervalbeforedive>, <table>


(see also <dive>)

<dive id="dive_1001">
    <!-- 1001. dive -->
    <!-- at first data concerning the dive's prehistory -->
    <!-- now description of the dive -->
<dive id="dive_1002">
    <!-- 1002. dive at same spot, 1.5 h later -->
    <!-- now description of the dive -->
        <!-- here data describing the dive profile -->
            <!-- until 1 h after end of dive prolonged staying at place -->
            <!-- now going by car to the next lake -->
            <!-- after 10 min of driving the valley is reached -->
            <wayaltitude waytime="4200.0">500.0</wayaltitude>
            <!-- 5 min driving in the valley -->
            <wayaltitude waytime="4500.0">500.0</wayaltitude>
            <!-- 30 min later a pass is reached -->
            <wayaltitude waytime="6300.0">1250.0</wayaltitude>
            <!-- 5 min enjoying the viewpoint ... -->
            <wayaltitude waytime="6600.0">1250.0</wayaltitude>
            <!-- 40 min driving down to the valley -->
            <wayaltitude waytime="9000.0">380.0</wayaltitude>
            <!-- after 20 min the next dive spot at 430.0 m is reached -->
            <wayaltitude waytime="10200.0">430.0</wayaltitude>
            <!-- 30 min preparations until the planned beginning the next dive -->
            <wayaltitude waytime="12000.0">430.0</wayaltitude>
        <!-- here more data describing the dive -->