compulsory, multiple


type=boat, hotel, individual, organized — indicates the type of this part of the diving holiday. Here, boat indicates a liveaboard, hotel a stay at a hotel, individual means that the divers planned this holiday themselves, whereas organized indicates a holiday booked at a tour operator. The individual keywords can be combined, too. Then they are to be divided by commas.


Inside <trippart> all information concerning a certain "part" of diving holiday are given. In case the diving holiday consists of several "parts", for example a boat trip and a stay at a hotel, then any number of <trippart> sections may appear consecutively inside <trip>.

If the <trip> section is given, at least one <trippart> section must occur, too.

Parent Elements


Child Elements

<accommodation>, <aliasname>, <dateoftrip>, <geography>, <link/>, <name>, <notes>, <operator>, <pricedivepackage>, <priceperdive>, <rating>, <relateddives>, <vessel>

See Also

<divetrip>, <trip>


See <trip/>.